3M FireDam Coating

Intumescent paint is a kind of fire-retardant coating that also protects structural parts from the damaging effects of a fire breakout. It works on wood, bricks, walls, and other structural parts of a building, as well as steel and plastic pipelines and fibreglass structures. Organic compounds such as epoxy resins and other thermosetting polymers with strong heat and fire resistance are commonly used in these coatings.

As previously indicated, intumescent paints have a wide range of applications. These paints are mostly employed in fire-stopping, closing, and fireproofing projects in buildings, homes, and manufacturing plants. Intumescent spray-on fireproofing paints are also used in gasketing applications. These paints are widely used in offshore drilling, aviation repair and maintenance, and shipbuilding industries.

3M Fire Coating

Product description

3M FireDam coating is a white in colors, water-based thixotropic coating that is ready to mix. It is made to protect a wide range of substrates against fire. With 3M FireDam Coating applied to mineral fiberboards, large electrical and mechanical through penetrations may be sealed for up to 4 hours of fire resistance. Flames may also be prevented from spreading along electrical wires, as well as the production of caustic or poisonous fumes from PVC cables. 

The 3M FireDam coating intumesces/expands up to 10 times in the presence of heat or fire, producing an insulating char that substantially restrains any heat transmission. The char expands to fill up gaps, including those left by perishable elements.


Intumescent Firedam coating for cable through penetrations, cable trays, metal pipes and insulated metal pipes application.

  • Up to 4 hours fire rating for penetration seals per BS EN 1366-3: 2004
  • Fire resistance for cables and cable trays per IEC331: 1970 and IEC332: Part 3: 199
  • Suppresses the release of hazardous gases and smoke
  • The firedam coating is both flexible and elastic.
  • In a fire, a halogen-free formula does not produce corrosive gases.
  • Provides good adherence to most surfaces.
  • Can be applied using a spray, trowel, or brush
  • Quick, simple and easy to use
  • A Water-based product
  • The firedam coating is tough and flexible.
  • Good service and adherence to the substrate
  • Offers painting over.
  • Quick-drying paint.
  • Cooperative with PVC, XLPE, and other common electrical cable jacketing materials are compatible.
  •  Compatible with typical electrical cable jacketing such as PVC, XLPE and polychloroprene


  • Coating of the entire length of cables to maintain the power supply to important equipment while data is being saved or a fire extinguisher (recommended wet thickness 3 mm). 
  • Partial cable coating (4m every 10m, 3mm recommended wet thickness) to prevent fire spread with cable runs.
  • Coating of mineral wool panels for fire protection against large penetrations in walls and floors.

3M FireDam coating may be applied to a variety of surfaces by brush, trowel, or spray. The coating dries to a white semi-flexible layer that allows the substrate to move freely. The efficiency of the firedam coating is directly proportional to the thickness of the film. It permits heat to be radiated from wires during operation as just a thin covering is required. 

The following are some examples of 3M FireDam coating applications:

• Using a fire extinguisher or coating the whole length of wires to keep the power supply to essential equipment running while data is being saved (recommended wet thickness 3 mm).

• Partial coating of cables (four metres per ten metres, with a suggested wet thickness of three millimetres) to prevent fire from spreading along cable lines.

• Coating mineral wool boards with a firedam coating to prevent major fire penetrations in walls and floors.


• Up to 4 hours of fire resistance for penetration seals. 

 • Fire resistance for cables and cable trays. 

 • Suppresses toxic gases and smoke emissions. 

 • Flexible coating. 

 • Halogen-free formula that does not release corrosive gases in the event of a fire. 

 • Good adhesion to most surfaces. 

 • Spray, trowel or brush applied. 

 • Water cleanup of tools and equipment.

Application techniques

• Surface preparation: The surface to be coated must be free of oil, grease, visible humidity, dust, dirt or other substances that may affect adhesion. 

 • Preparation of the coating: Stir the content if necessary and if necessary, dilute with water to adapt the viscosity to the spraying device in use. 

 • Temperature while application: substrate and air temperature should be above 4°C and below 40 ° C. 

 • Brush: For small applications: standard available brushes are ideal. 

 • Airless Spray – Most Industrial Pumps: eg Graco, Wagner, Volume Air, DeVillois … Use an air supply of at least 4 bars for the electric motor; remove strainer if necessary.

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