Cleaning Tools

Ecotech innovations understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment and hence aid the process with easy solutions with cleaning tools. Though a tedious task, regular maintenance will only be beneficial by providing long uninterrupted working capacity and increasing productivity overall. With advanced solutions by manufacturers like 3M which are supplied by Ecotech, all this will be easy and hassle-free.

Tissue paper dispenser

Tissue paper dispensers are useful for industrial as well as domestic purposes.  It is convenient and hygienic. It can be mounted on a wall or kept on a surface. It is available in various shapes and sizes according to requirements. Along with aesthetic looks,  it is easy to use and refill. It makes it easier to maintain cleanliness in space by making tissue paper available in large quantities. It is hassle-free, effective, and convenient.

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New improved & unique NPT technology Superior adhesive binds together synthetic fibres &  brasives Open structure resists loading, improves cleaning & abrasive life. Lasts up to twice as long compared to ordinary pads.

Cleaning Chemicals

3M™ Cleaning Chemicals consist of cleaning products like bathroom disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaners and chemical hand wash.  The 3M™ Cleaning Chemicals Bathroom disinfectant cleans and sanitizes the surface, leaves a pleasant fragrance and is PH neutral.  It can be used on sink, basin, shower area, tiles, tubs, floor and fittings.
The 3M™ Cleaning Chemicals Toilet Bowl Cleaner removes tough stains, gives it a sparkling effect and makes the cleaning process a lot easier.  The fast cleaning action makes it an ideal product for industrial as well as domestic use. It is ready to use and is suitable to use on toilet bowls, urinals and all ceramic surfaces.
The 3M™ Cleaning Chemicals Hand Wash washes off germs, moisturizes and is neutral in action. It has a pleasant fragrance and produces rich and foamy lather. It is ready to use and safe on skin.

3M Cleaning Chemicals H1
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Floor Pads

You know how difficult it is to maintain clean, safe and beautiful floors.  That’s why 3M created an integrated family of floor pads, designed to achieve superior results in less time. Optimized construction makes for a solid foundation Incorporating the latest innovations from 3M’s leadership in abrasive technology, 3M ™ Floor Pads are engineered to help reduce the cost of cleaning and maximize the effectiveness of your floor program. All while keeping waste to a minimum.

SPeciality chemicals

3M™ Specialty Chemicals are used to target tough and stubborn stains from all kinds of surfaces. Its main applications are stain removal on hard surfaces, corner cleaning, hard soil cleaning, scratch-free scrubbing, griddle cleaning, etc.
3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher cleans and polishes in one go without leaving a greasy film. It is a water-based spray and is environment friendly as well. It has a pleasant fragrance and is ready to use.
Sharpshooter removes stubborn stains and marks from any surface. It removes hard watermarks as well and there is no rinsing required after spraying it. It is ready to use and environment friendly as well.

3M Sharpshooter