Fire products

Ecotech Innovations is a leading Fire Safety Equipment Supplier in pune, India and growing perpetually. The safety of our customers has always been our priority and this discipline has bought us a steadily growing clientele. We work on the sole axiom of precision and strive to achieve perfection.
Our products are the most reliable and these claims are not without validity but with the enormous efforts of our team and loyal customers. Fire preventives are really essential to ensure the safety of the building. Hence, compromising on quality is not wise. Choose the best Fire Safety Equipment Supplier in India, choose us!

Fire Barrier Mortar

3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar is a lightweight, gypsum-based powder that mixes with water to form a heat-absorbing firestop for through penetrations in fire-rated floor or wall assemblies. Versatile mortar can be mixed self-leveling or non-sag, and adheres to a range of construction substrates and penetrants. It also acts as a heat sink, reducing the chance of fire on unexposed sides of the assembly

FIRE BARRIER MORTAR by ecotech innovations
3m firedam 2000 by 3M

Firedam coating

3M™ FireDam 2000 coating is a water based thixotropic coating used to provide fire protection to the layers beneath it. It has thermal and acoustical properties and controls condensation. It is used to delay (or even prevent) the failure of mineral fibre boards that are exposed to the high temperatures found during a fire. However, its main use is in suppressing generation of corrosive and toxic gasses from the exposure of PVC cables to high temperatures found during a fire. The spread of flames along electric setups can be controlled and the wires coated remain safe by not catching fire. Recommended wet thickness is 3mm.

Fire spray

3M™ FireDam Spray 200 is used to completely seal building joints, penetration seals and perimeter joints. In case of fire breakout, the metals are subjected to expansion, which may lead to the eventual collapsing of the whole structure of the building. FireDam Spray forms a flexible seal which supports the metal upto +/- 25% compression or expansion. An airless sprayer is used for the application and a ⅛ inch (3mm) thick coating is ideal. It is water based, meets IBC requirements and is tested for up to 4 hours.

firedam spray 200 by 3M
FIRE BARRIER SEALANT by ecotech innovations
Fire Barrier Sealant

Self-leveling, ready-to-use, single component, neutral cure, elastomeric silicone firestop that also acts as a barrier to water leakage and airborne sound transmission. To be applied in horizontal applications. It provides up to 3-hour fire protection. Light gray color, no mixing required. All the aforementioned qualities make it a complete solution.

Fire Barrier Composite Sheet

3M™ Fire Barrier Composite Sheet CS-195+ is a lightweight intumescent firestop that combines four components into a single system to help slow the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases. Sheets combine 28-gauge steel, intumescent material, wire mesh and aluminum foil and are easy to handle and install with common trade tools. They are firestop tested for up to 4 hours of fire protection.

FIRE BARRIER COMPOSITE SHEET by ecotech innovations
FIRE BARRIER FOAM by ecotech innovations
Fire Barrier Foam

Designed to expand up to 5 times in volume after dispensing, 3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step is a two-part urethane, smoke, sound and firestopping foam. This intumescent foam can be used to fill the annular space created by pipes and cables penetrating through fire-rated construction. It’s an alternative to mineral wool, bricks, pillows and runny, ineffective foams and is UL listed.

Fire Barrier Pillows

3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows are self-contained, intumescent products designed for use in through-penetration firestops, providing up to 3 hours of protection. This fire barrier pillow expands to form a hard char that tightly seals against the flame spread, smoke, and toxic gases. We also engineered this product to be re-enterable and re-useable for new or retrofit installations.

FIRE BARRIER PILLOWS by ecotech innovations
FIRE BARRIER DUCT WRAP by ecotech innovations
Fire Barrier Duct Wrap

Thin, lightweight and flexible, 3M™ Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ provides excellent insulating capabilities and offers a space-saving alternative to traditional bulky fire protection methods obtained through a gypsum wall shaft or enclosure. This wrap is commonly used in commercial kitchen grease ducts, as well as ventilation ducts.

Fire Barrier Devices

Ecotech deals in firestop solutions by 3M that prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, and are supported with world-class training and technical expertise. This is made for industrial as well as domestic use and the wide range of products provides the buyer with substantial freedom to choose according to requirement and not compromise on any level.

fire barrier devices by ecotech innovations
Fire Barrier Collars and Wrapstrips

This one-piece collar assembly is designed to fit smoothly around the pipe with no assembly. 3M™ Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips Technical Data Sheet.