Fire Protection Systems

Everything You Need To Know About Fire Protection Systems

Fire safety is a critical part for business owners. A fire can spark and spread in a matter of seconds. Businesses that invest in fire safety systems secure significant benefits when the systems function as expected in the events of the fire. These systems reduce damage to the building, expensive equipment, documents, inventory, and most importantly occupants. Fire suppression systems, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems are all sorts of fire protection systems that help detect fires, help fire control, protect inhabitants and equipment in the building.

Advantages of Fire Protection Systems

Reduce The Risk Of Death with Fire Products

By installing Fire Coating Painting, Fir Barrier Coatings, Fire Barrier Foam, etc you create a safe passage for both your property and its occupants. Properties that have both fire alarms and Fire suppression systems have a considerably low risk of fire-related death. 

Save Lives with Fire Products

The active fire safety system ensures that no one is trapped inside the setting when a fire breaks out. The protection system can help provide a passage for people to safely evacuate even if there isn’t an obvious fire exit. The best approach to keep your building and the people inside it safe in the event of a fire is to use a Complete Fire Safety System.

Reducing The Risk Of Damage To Your Property

When the fire brigade sprays water into your setting, it can inflict irreparable harm to the property’s aesthetic as well as its structure. Fire Protection Systems are installed in commercial properties that consume a small amount of water, causing less damage when activated than a fire engine’s powerful hose.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

While there is an initial fee associated with having the system installed, it can be worthwhile if you plan to put the commercial place on sale. For any type of buyer, commercial properties with Fire Safety Products installed are a much more appealing and beneficial purchase.

Fire products by Ecotech

There is a wide range of fire products that can withstand fire breakout and control it from disrupting ahead. Read on for more.


3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar is a lightweight gypsum-based and heat-absorbing firestop that is ready to be mixed with potable water.

How does it work?

3MTM Fire Barrier Mortar stops the fire penetrations through the fire-rated floor or wall assemblies, as well as other fire-rated interior building construction. It has exceptional adherence to a wide range of construction penetrants. 

It also works as a heat sink, absorbing heat from penetrants and lowering the risk of vulnerable matter igniting on the unexposed side of the assembly.

Our 3M Fire Barrier Mortar (PDF, 279.8 Kb) is a ready-to-mix solution for mechanical and electrical penetrations where the penetrants may generate heat. The firestop mortar (PDF, 400 Kb) is ready to mix with potable water, making it quick and inexpensive to use. 

Our 3M Fire Barrier Mortar can be blended to a thinner consistency for self-leveling applications such as flooring or as a non-sag material for vertical walls. It adheres well to a wide range of construction materials as Concrete, metals, wood, plastic, and cable jacketing.

Firestop tested for up to 3 hours.

Fire Dam Coating

• With fire rating up to 4 hours for penetration seals, Fire Dam coating protects cables and cable trays. Its important function is suppressing the formation of destructive, toxic gasses and smoke emissions from the exposure of PVC cables to high temperatures exposed during a fire. It controls the spread of flames along with electrical setups. The wires coated with Fire Dam Coating also remain safe by not catching fire. The recommended wet thickness is 3mm.


• Flexible coating. 

• Halogen-free formula that does not give off corrosive gases in a fire 

• Firm adhesion to most surfaces. 

• Spray, trowel, or brush applied. 

• Water cleanup of tools and equipment.

• Fire-protective intumescent coating expands up to 15x in the event of a fire

• Quick and easy to apply and adheres to a variety of surfaces.

Fire rating-Up to 4 hours


Metals are prone to expansion in the event of a fire, which can result in the collapse of the entire structure of the building. 3M Fire Spray creates a flexible seal that can withstand the metal up to 25% compression or expansion. An airless sprayer is used for the application and an ⅛ inch (3mm) thick coating is preferred. It is water-based, marks IBC-requirements, and has a fire rating for up to four hours.


• Remains flexible allowing for typical pipe movement.

• Water-based for easy application, cleanup, and disposal.

• Endothermic fillers absorb heat and release water.

• The High-solids formula means limited shrinkage.

• No solvents.

• Available in 3 colors for easy identification or integration with a substrate.

• Multi-viscosity grade offers excellent sealant properties.

Fire rating-For up to four hours.


Self-leveling, ready-to-use, single component, neutral cure, elastomeric silicone firestop that also acts as a barrier to water leakage and airborne sound transmission.

3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ is a high-performance, ready-to-use, gun-grade, latex-based, intumescent sealant that dries to form a monolithic firestop seal that also acts as a barrier to airborne sound transmission. 

It helps control the spread of fire, smoke, and noxious gasses before, during, and after exposure to a fire when installed as prescribed.

As penetrants are exposed to fire, this material’s unique intumescent feature allows it to expand and help to maintain a firestop penetration seal for up to 4 hours.

3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ is typically used in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing applications to firestop openings created by the penetrations in fire-rated floors, floor/ceilings, or walls.


• Re-enterable / repairable

• Helps minimize sound transfer

• Applied with conventional caulking equipment (excellent caulk rate) 

• Extensive listed systems

• Sag-resistant 

• Halogen-free

• Excellent adhesion 

• Paintable 

• Water clean up


3M™ Fire Barrier Composite Sheet CS-195+ is a lightweight intumescent firestop that combines four components into a single system to help slow the spread of fire, smoke, and noxious gases. Sheets combine 28-gauge steel, intumescent material, wire mesh, and aluminum foil and are easy to handle and install with common trade tools. They are firestop tested for up to 4 hours of fire protection.

Fire-resistance rating- From 2 hours to 4 hours depending on the system and application for walls and floors and penetration.


  • Intumescences (expands with heat) to form a hard char that lightly seals penetrations against the flame spread smoke and toxic fumes.
  • Multiple applications: It can be used through penetration, firestop, heat shield, and firebreak protection. 
  • Easy to install using common trade tools, No mixing or damming required
  • Lightweight: It is easy to handle.
  • Easy to fasten: It can be a boll punch or drill through. Use self-tapping screws or anchor bolts.
  • Thermally conductive: Allows unwanted heat build-up to escape
  • UL Classified: It is tried and tested. Allows Peace of mind for the customer.
  • Versatile and Re-enterable: Can be cut to fit irregular shapes.


This Fire protection product is designed to expand up to 5 times in volume after dispensing. 3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step is a two-part urethane, smoke, sound, and firestopping foam. This intumescent foam can be used to fill the annular space created by pipes and cables penetrating through fire-rated construction. It’s a great alternative to mineral wool, bricks, pillows, and runny, ineffective foams and is UL listed.

Say goodbye to mineral wool, bricks, and runny, ineffective foams with this UL Listed alternative which meets the International Building Code for passive fire protection and exceeds your expectations.


The 3M Fire Barrier Pillow is a self-contained, highly intumescent product designed to firestop a wide variety of through-penetrations.

During a fire, 3M Fire Barrier Pillow expands and locks itself into place, surrounding the penetrant(s), stopping smoke, fire, and toxic gases from spreading to the next room or next floor for the estimated period. They are easy to establish and great for retrofit projects. Just remove and replace pillows as needed. 3M Fire Barrier Pillows have been tested to the ASTM E 814 test criteria and have been designed to satisfy the demands of NEC, NFPA, SBCCI, BOCA, and ICBO building codes.

How does it work?

Pillows that provide passive fire protection are firestop pillows. They are used to fireproof gaps in-wall or floor assemblies, particularly in openings that require frequent access, requiring the removal and resealing of the firestopping whenever the repairs are completed. Pillows can be a target for vandalism if they are not adequately safeguarded.


Thin, lightweight, and flexible, 3M™ Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ provides excellent insulating capabilities and offers a space-saving alternative to traditional bulky fire protection methods obtained through a gypsum wall shaft or enclosure. 

This wrap is commonly used in commercial kitchen grease ducts, as well as ventilation ducts.

Firestop tested for up to 3 hours.

3M™ Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips

This product allows Simple Installation for Exceptional Performance.

Primarily used in top-side firestop installations, 3M™ Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips are intumescent wrap strips that are UL tested.

These flexible intumescent strips help prevent the passage of fire and smoke in new or existing non-metallic (e.g. plastic) pipe penetrations through walls or floor assemblies. We constructed these fire wrap strips to help eliminate the need for most of the materials and equipment usually required for labor-intensive, bottom-side firestop installations.

These flexible foam strips slide easily into the openings around piping to fill tough areas and gaps. The tuck-in wrap strip has an adhesive-backed label to simplify installation and expands 100x in volume to help produce the best results possible.

Fire-rated for up to 3 hours.


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