Interior Films

Ecotech is a leading supplier in passive fire stopping products and growing perpetually. The safety of our customers has always been our priority and this discipline has bought us a steadily growing clientele. We work on the sole axiom of precision and strive to achieve perfection. Our products are the most reliable and these claims are not without validity but with the enormous efforts of our team and loyal customers. Fire preventives are really essential to ensure the safety of the building. Hence, compromising on quality is not wise. Choose the best, choose us!

White board films/ post it dry easy

3M™ Whiteboard films are a range of films with whiteboard and projection capabilities. It only needs to be applied on the wall, partition or any other surface to create a whiteboard. It can be used in practically every place that requires whiteboards but has space constraints. It allows smooth writing due to steady support and is ideal for indoor flat surfaces. It requires no effort to install, maintain and is scratch and solvent resistant. It is also ideal for screen projections as it is lighter than the traditional screens. These films are durable, flexible and easily cleanable.

White Board Films
frosted glass films

Frosted crystals

3M™ Scotchcal™ Frosted Crystal is a translucent, cast PVC, self adhesive vinyl, with special CRYSTAL-effect film to produce sand blasting effect. It can be applied on glass surfaces or other for privacy or decorative purposes. It is available in 5 different colors. It does not peel or curl for up to 15 years indoors. Customised designs available with MCS warranty of 3 years if exposed to direct sunlight and 15 years indoors. It gives a new look to the glass surfaces without much hassle and is long lasting.

Dinoc films

3M™ DI-NOC interior films are a creative alternative to other materials traditionally used for interior renovation. It is a self adhesive product which affects minimally to the previous basic structure of a room. It is available in a wide range of materials, from metals to fabrics, from stone to lacquers, from wood to carbon, from embossed to hi-tech finishes. With 3M™ DI-NOC interior films refurbishing and organising spaces becomes convenient and easy. It is suitable for covering walls and partitions, refurbishing false ceiling and furniture. It is fire resistant and IMO certified.

3m dinoc films

Fasara films

3M™ Fasara™ is a family of polyester, decorative films for glass surfaces that transform an interior’s ambiance with finishes that have depth, subtlety, modernity, energy, precision and more. It can be used on internal glass and interior surfaces of windows. It can be used for safety or decorative purposes. Various designs and textures are available in these films. Its unique design gives the glass a tranquil appearance. It prevents glass from scattering in case of breakage. The shatter resistant properties and durability make it the best option for indoor glass surfaces.

Fasara films by 3M
Dichroic films by 3M
Dichroic Film

3M™ Dichroic Film is a film laminated between two glass sheets which enables dynamic change in the color of glass when seen from different angles. It produces a unique color-shifting effect on the glass and is used to catch attention by color dynamics. It is flexible in the sense that it can be printed on, cut, bent, patterned, combined with different glass types. It can be used in several places like shading fins, balustrades, exterior glass,

partition walls, shower doors, artistic glass, furniture, etc. It works with different types of glass and PVB combinations.  

Anti-Graffiti Films

3M™ Anti Graffiti Film protects the glass surfaces from scratches, acid etching gouges and tagging. It is a cost effective solution to vandalized glasses. It reflects 99% UV rays which cause fading and, hence, helps extend the life of display merchandise. It is extremely easy to clean. This costs less than glass replacement and requires very less time to replace and remove. It offers reduced glare from blinding sunlight, allowing you to see better and concentrate more on driving.

anti grafiti films