Ecotech deals in 3M matting that traps dirt, debris and moisture by the door, to help floors throughout your facility stay safer, cleaner-looking, easier to maintain and less likely to be damaged by tracked-in dirt. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and we consider it our duty to help you keep your homes and offices clean and make it hassle-free. With our matting you will not only maintain a pristine environment but also gain an upper edge by making a pleasant and welcoming impression.

Aqua Mat

The dirt and moisture which is not wiped off at the entrance needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible after entering the building. But the indoor matting should be in coordination with the interior and not stand out. 3M™ Nomad Aqua matting systems are the ideal solution for such scenarios. The unique combination of coarse and fine fibers trap dirt and moisture effectively and the look complements the surroundings. Requires no fixing and, hence, is easy to install. It is available in a range to suit all traffic levels.

Nomad Aqua mat
Nomad-terra loop by 3M

Nomad terra

Places with high footfall like corridors, hallways or entrance lobbies, are difficult to keep dust free all the time. Trapping the dust outside or within a few steps after entering the building. 3M™ Nomad Terra Loop matting system is designed specifically to fulfill this requirement. Dust and dirt is wiped off the sole of the shoes and is trapped on the mat. The surface remains dust free and thus the trail of soil is diminished. Therefore, this mat should be used outdoors or in the entrance lobby. It is durable, available in a variety ranging from low duty to extra heavy duty and does not flatten with time.

Z web mat

3M™ Nomad Z web matting systems are ideal for scrapping heavy dirt from the shoes and wheels of movers. The peak edge allows easy dirt cleaning and the low profile enables swift movement over the surface. The unbacked, vinyl matting makes it suitable for light trolley traffic. Industrial facilities and workshops are some of the places this can be used. These do not flatten with time and are made slip-resistant. Easy to clean, these mats are available in a variety of grades for different traffic levels.

Nomad terra Z web mat by 3M
Nomad modular films

Modular mat

3M™ Nomad Modular matting system has a dual cleaning mechanism. Each tile is 300*300 mm square and 17mm deep with a 2mm drainage foot. The scrapper elements are combined with a large central textile infil of dual fibre matting which removes and holds moisture. There are several angles to attack and trap the dirt from all kinds of surfaces. With plenty of space to store the dirt particles, these can be used to meet several design requirements. The pattern could be diagonal or linear according to the designer. 

Optima / aluminium mat

In buildings with high footfall, an extremely durable and efficient matting system is required without compromising on the aesthetics. 3M™  Nomad Optima matting systems are a reliable solution for such spaces which have heavy traffic but cannot afford to look dirty. It is a combination of high-performance textile infills with 3M™  Nomad Aqua Matting systems. It traps dirt and moisture effectively while maintaining excellent looks even after continuous use. There is cushion backing to enhance durability and rubber inlays for sound dampening.  It is available in 3 depths, hence, suitable for all types of locations and traffic whether of pedestrians, trolley or small vehicles. 

nomad optima mats by 3M
Clean Walk Mat
Clean walk mat

3M™  Clean-Walk Mats are multi-sheeted adhesive mats that capture dirt from the sole of shoes and other passing surfaces like wheels when brought in contact with it. They are numbered and tabbed together but peel off easily when pulled off, exposing a fresh sheet of the adhesive sheet. This reduces the dirt passed between high-traffic offices and production areas. The adhesive surface holds the dirt securely and prevents residue transfer. Protects the surface carpets from dirt and preserves their appearance for a long time.  These mats improve facility maintenance in a variety of industries including medical and healthcare, printing and publishing, fabricated metal shops, machinery, and electronic equipment operations, construction and remodeling projects, etc.

Anti Fatigue Mat

 The quality of life of millions of workers and the competitiveness of European companies is constantly challenged by low cost solution to reduce physical fatigue and its impact on the consequence of working in tiring positions. Most of the people who work standing up all day suffer from pain and discomfort.

anti fatigue mat by ecotech innovations