Passive fire protection system, and its importance.


It is essential for business owners to invest in a fire protection system. 

What would happen if your business suffers a severe fire crisis?


According to a fire and rescue service, following a disaster:

  • 25% of businesses never reopen.
  • 80% of companies who don’t recover in a month are likely to go out of business.


You need a plan of action to prepare for an emergency disaster that may wreck your well-settled business and goodwill. If you don’t, you will lose your business to the flames.


The Fire protection system comes to your rescue before the firemen respond and arrive to combat the fires. These systems reduce damage to the building, expensive equipment, documents, inventory, and importantly, the occupants. 


Here are 2 types of Fire Protection Systems


Active vs. Passive Fire Protection

Fire protection can be both Active and Passive. When a setting is under construction, the architect can integrate Passive fire products, such as Firedam coating and Fire Barrier Foam. 


In contrast, Active Fire Protection System refers to using a system that reacts actively in the case of fire like Fire Extinguishers, Fire Detectors. etc. 


Fundamentally, Active fire protection helps to detect, stop, and escape the fire. Whereas, passive fire protection contains the fire and prevents it from spreading further.


This blog explains the details of the Passive Fire Protection system.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection or PFP plays a preventative role and it embodies all the protection methods that allow a structure to resist a fire during a crisis.

The method intends to-

  • Stop the fumes from spreading
  • Keep heat impacts in the disaster zone to a minimum.
  • Maintain structural elements’ fire resistance.

This protection method is referred to as passive since it operates without any human force or external power. They are designed to allow the safe evacuation of individuals and the intervention of emergency services while keeping the fire contained in a categorized space for as long as possible.

To distinguish these objectives, we offer two types of fire protection solutions:

  1. Structural protection solutions – such as intumescent paints.
  2. Firewall solutions for subdivision – such as Fire barrier foam, Fire barrier sealant, and other fire-stopping solutions.

Passive Fire Protection must be applied from the root structure of a setting, unlike the Active fire protection system.

Installation of fire protection system

Fire Risk can be inevitable. Resilience is everything. Cut off the risk and allow only certified and professionally trained technicians to install these equipments. Effective fire protection should be the focus of all new building projects.

If you don’t know what to add to your setting or business, ECOTECH’s team has in-depth knowledge of providing fire services and risk assessments across different sectors and buildings.

Our cost-effective, professional services also comply with the updated legal requirements. Ecotech’s team plans, installs, and provides on-demand services for Passive fire products to ensure the protection of people and property.

Passive Fire protection system maintenance

Fire protection products require regular inspection and maintenance to enable their ease of use. The last thing you need is a flawed system at a critical point. Therefore, your fire protection system must be well maintained for your safety.


Note that a poorly maintained fire protection system is synonymous with no protection at all. 


To sum up,


Passive fire protection is important to protect the assets of your facility, employees, visitors, and company. Proper installation and maintenance of all fire protection systems are very important and should be carried out regularly by certified professionals only.


Ecotech’s fire protection team consists of highly experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to offering you 360-degree Passive fire protection on mini to large commercial premises.


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