Power Tools

Power tools are nothing but those which in daily life make our tasks easier. They use external sources of power and hence can much efficiently than the tools using manual strength. These tools include drills, gardening tools, woodworking tools, etc. Power tools are used in the garden, industry, for housework, in construction, and for domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning. They are used for cutting, drilling, driving (fasteners), sanding, shaping, routing, grinding, painting, polishing, heating, and more. Ecotech deals in all such power tools to offer the customer a complete solution.

Wood working

The tasks which seem to be impossible without professional help are made
hassle-free with the wood working power tools. Resulting in fast and smooth
operation with greater accuracies & comfort while performing the task, the high-performance woodworking tools have been developed for excellent performance. They deliver the versatility, power and life that is demanded by a tradesman. Ecotech assures best results and claims best performance.

stanley wood works by ecotech innovations
Stanley drills by ecotech innovations


Ecotech offers a definitive range of corded drills and a screw-gun for every tradesman’s need – internal or external. With a choice of power options, chuck
capacities, gear configurations, and speed variations, no need to look further
for your pick.

Battery operated Drills

Ecotech cordless drills are designed for strong performance, quality, and
precision. The lithium-ion range also boasts about their compact size and lightweight. Well suited for challenging drilling and screw driving tasks, the range is quintessential for the tradesman.

stanley BATTERY OPERATED DRILLS by ecotech innovations
stanley construction tools by ecotech innovations

Construction Tools

Highly durable and best-in-class performance are two traits of the Concrete range. While the full range of rotary hammers with the SDS-Plus chuck configuration provides excellent power to weight ratio, the demolition hammers with a choice between SDS-Max and Hex Chuck is designed to give comfort during long usages.

Metal works

Resulting in faster material removal while grinding and greater accuracies & comfort while cutting, the high-performance metalworking tools have been developed to combine excellent power to weight characteristics with outstanding ergonomics. They deliver the versatility, power, and life that is demanded by a tradesman.

stanley Metal works by ecotech innovations
stanley speciality tools by ecotech innovations
Specialty Tools

Ecotech Offers versatile tools to be part of this popular range. Heat Gun can be used to remove, solder, deform, etc and a Blower which can be used both as a blower and a vacuum.

Lawn & Gardening

STANLEY Landscaping and Garden Tools offer a vast selection of equipment and supplies from digging tools to hose nozzles and connectors, loppers, pruners and shears, and water hoses and reels. Perfect for gardening, lawn care and landscaping needs. Tools from Assembly Technologies and our Dodge inserts are just a few of the fastening solutions we offer that provide an extremely effective way to speed up assembly production and ensure quality joint fastening, error proofing.

stanley fatmax by ecotech innovations
stanley pressure washer by ecotech innovations
Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer is a powerful and dependable electric pressure washer
made for outdoor cleaning needs. It has an onboard hose reel for easy
storage of the high-pressure hose. Built-in detergent tank to get tough stuff loose or remove deep-down stains (always use a pressure washer-safe detergent). It is used to quickly blast away dirt, mold, mildew, and grime to reveal a fresh clean look.